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Call to Action! Write an Email

An easy way to support Stop the Sweeps is to write a simple email to our local official(s) to let them know how you feel about any or all of our asks. Feel free to use one of the sample emails below and/or add your own language as you wish. Thanks for your support of Stop the Sweeps!

Here's a short and sweet sample email you can copy to use:

Dear Elected Officials (or insert Names here)

Do the right thing and stop criminalizing homelessness. Stop the sweeps of homeless camps. Being poor is not a crime!

I support Stop the Sweeps and urge you to do the same. Respectfully,

( your name )

( your contact info )

Here's a slightly longer sample email you can copy to use:

Dear Elected Officials (or insert Names here)

I am writing to express concern about the criminalization of people experiencing homelessness and the sweeps of homeless camps that are happening in our region.

Sweeps are inhumane and do nothing to solve homelessness. Sweeps traumatize and make things even more difficult for people who are already struggling just to survive.

By sweeps, I specifically mean when people are told to "move along" where there is nowhere for them to go, and/or personal property is confiscated. Even if there was space the night before, overnight shelters do not accept new guests until late afternoon or evening. Day spaces are almost nonexistent. There are no designated legal public places to camp.

People are also criminalized and demonized for urinating and defecating in public although the government does not provide adequate or 24/7 accessible public toilets.

Where are people supposed to go? Go exist during the day? Go to get away from the elements? Go to set up outdoor shelter? Go to urinate or defecate? Go to toss garbage? Go to store their belongings safely?

This situation is only going to get worse when the eviction moratorium is lifted. Thousands more people will become homeless and end up on our streets. We MUST show compassion, not cruel indifference.

As a citizen of Spokane, I urge you to enact each of the asks in the Stop the Sweeps-Spokane Petition as swiftly as possible. Stop the criminalization of people experiencing homelessness and provide desperately needed basic services for the existence of human beings.

These are feasible and practical solutions that can be immediately enacted. Please support Stop the Sweeps and consider championing the Petition.


( your name )

( your contact info )

Here's a list of email addresses for our local officials:

CITY OF SPOKANE - January 2021

  1. Mayor Nadine Woodward is:

  2. Council President Breean Beggs is:

  3. District 1 Councilmember Kate Burke is:

  4. District 1 Councilmember Michael Cathcart is:

  5. District 2 Councilmember Betsy Wilkerson is:

  6. District 2 Councilmember Lori Kinnear is:

  7. District 3 Councilmember Candace Mumm is:

  8. District 3 Councilmember Karen Stratton is:



  1. Councilmember Rod Higgins - (position 1)

  2. Councilmember Brandi Peetz – (position 2) - Deputy Mayor

  3. Councilmember Arne Woodard – (position 3)

  4. Councilmember Ben Wick – (position 4) - Mayor

  5. Councilmember Pam Haley – (position 5)

  6. Councilmember Tim Hattenburg – (position 6)

  7. Councilmember Linda Thompson – (position 7)


(pic taken at Spokane City Hall during a MAC Movement event, courtesy of AnDrea Rose)

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