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Endorsements and Support for Stop the Sweeps

As of 6/3/2021, between our online petition and in-person encounters, we have collected more than 1,275 signatures!

Stop the Sweeps is honored to have been endorsed by the following organizations:

  1. League of Women Voters of the Spokane Area

  2. Tenants Union-Spokane

  3. MAC (Music Arts Creativity) Movement

  4. Jewels Helping Hands

  5. Cat Lady Outreach

  6. Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

We have also received assistance in collecting signatures and other support from:

  1. MASS (the Mutual Aid Survival Squad) homeless outreach team

  2. Barb Brock of “Hate is Not Welcome Here” and Camp Hope

  3. Dr. Luis Manriquez of the Street Medicine Team and WSU Elson S Floyd College of Medicine’s Health Equity

  4. Hallie Burchinal and other staff from CAT (Compassionate Addiction Treatment)

  5. Hundreds of individuals currently living on the streets in our community

Thank you, Spokane Community!

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09 ene 2022

Homeless people are human beings and in need of support not being sept aside as though they have not value. Telling them to keep moving so they are not seen is not the way to help this situation. Please stop and create new shelters and services for people- I once had a young girl tell me when I supervised a homeless shelter-'I am not homeless as my family is here with me- I just don't have a house.' Wisdom. Thank you, Carolyn Nordal

Me gusta

05 jun 2021

My daughter is homeless in Spokane. I have bought over the last two years a dozen tents and new sleeping bags. Not all homeless people have that support. It is criminal the way Spokane treats Human people with mental issues. Absolutely no heart. Set a area to provide a restroom. Hand out jobs in that specific area the homeless are in. They will become a community if they are directed on what to do. We are only as strong as our weakest link. They have been beaten down mentally, physically, and spiritually. Help don't hinder that is what they the homeless have experienced.

Me gusta
Joan Medina
Joan Medina
05 jun 2021
Contestando a

Penny, what a horrible waste to have to buy tents and sleeping bags over and over because they have been confiscated in a sweep. Your daughter is fortunate to have a resource and ally like you.

Me gusta
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